Geno Auriemma Playbook by Ron Sen

Auriemma Playbook by Ron Sen

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These actions are drawn from 2016 UCONN versus South Florida. Ultimately it’s superior execution not superior plays that define UCONN. But I also consider Geno Auriemma’s creativity underrated.

1. DHO Middle Screens

The play begins with a DHO from 1 (Jefferson) to 3 (Samuelsson) leading into an off ball screen from 4 (Tuck) with a cut to the block. Having 5 (Stewart) as your passer helps.

Stewart gets a look to Samuelsson to 2 (Nurse) off the backscreen, or skip to Jefferson. Worst case, you have the Player of the Year, Stewart one-on-one.

2. 1-4 High Pig Stagger

We’ve seen this look in the Olympics. This action starts with a hybrid “horns” to 1-4 look. The ball gets entered to Tuck (4) with the 3 (Samuelsson) looking for initial “blind pig” action. She continues off the staggered weak side screen and gets the ball into an elbow screen with Stewart (5). At other times, she has the jumper off the curl.

3. Backscreen and Clear

When the bigs are away from the basket, I’m always expecting them to go to the hoop. 3 reverses to 5 and gets a back screen. The ball goes back to the 4 and Stewart (5) gets the give-and-go. Simple and elegant and great having a center with wing skills.

Coach K says “it’s not about running plays”, it’s about making plays. But putting skilled players into positions they can succeed does facilitate success.

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