NBA Preseason – GSW Double Drag

NBA Preseason – GSW Double Drag by Roberto Assi

Here is a set play from the Golden State Warriors used during the preseason game against the Timberwolves in China. The play starts with a double drag action and ends with a post feed. Once the ball is in the post, the Warriors use a top screening action to occupy the defenders and also open up a shot if the post player doesn’t have a scoring opportunity.

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Boston Celtics – Jayson Tatum Offense

Jayson Tatum Offense

Here are two plays from the Boston Celtics during the NBA pre-season. The first is a screen-the-screener play in which the ball gets thrown to the post and Tatum cuts off of a down screen for a 3-point shot. The second play is a simple hi/lo look with four players out on the perimeter to clear space for Tatum to post up inside.

Post STS

post sts

Quick Hi/Lo

quick hi lo

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Italy National Team ATO by Roberto Assi

Italy National Team ATO by Roberto Assi

Here is a quick after timeout set used by Italy against Ukraine in Euroleague play. It starts with a quick up-screen (which the point guard can look at 4 for a lob) and then an in-screen for 3 to catch on the wing. from here, you have several options: 1) 5 can clear out and let 3 work one-on-one, 2) 5 can post up inside, or 3) 5 can set a ball-screen for 3 on the wing.


Italy Euro 2017 A_T_O vs Ukraine

UF Gators Quick Ball Screen

UF Gators Quick Ball Screen

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4 sprints in from the trailer position to set a down-screen for 5. 5 runs up to set a ball-screen for 1. 1 drives middle as 5 rolls and 4 replaces 5.

  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators Quick Ball-Screen4 sets a down screen for 5.


    5 sets a ball-screen for 1.


    2 and 3 slide to the corners.

  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators Quick Ball-Screen1 looks to pass to 5 rolling to the basket, 4 cutting to the elbow, or 2 on the pitch-around for a shot.