NBA Preseason – GSW Double Drag

NBA Preseason – GSW Double Drag by Roberto Assi

Here is a set play from the Golden State Warriors used during the preseason game against the Timberwolves in China. The play starts with a double drag action and ends with a post feed. Once the ball is in the post, the Warriors use a top screening action to occupy the defenders and also open up a shot if the post player doesn’t have a scoring opportunity.

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UF Gators Quick Ball Screen

UF Gators Quick Ball Screen

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4 sprints in from the trailer position to set a down-screen for 5. 5 runs up to set a ball-screen for 1. 1 drives middle as 5 rolls and 4 replaces 5.

  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators Quick Ball-Screen4 sets a down screen for 5.


    5 sets a ball-screen for 1.


    2 and 3 slide to the corners.

  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators Quick Ball-Screen1 looks to pass to 5 rolling to the basket, 4 cutting to the elbow, or 2 on the pitch-around for a shot.

Three Pick & Roll Options – Dallas Mavericks

Three Pick & Roll Options – Dallas Mavericks 

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Here are 3 options from the Dallas Mavericks to get Dirk Nowitzki a shot on a pick & pop. In option 1, the ball is reversed through Nowitzki to 3 on the right side of the floor. Nowitzki sets a ball-screen for 3 and pops for a shot. In option 2, 5 sets a ball-screen for 1 to drive baseline. 5 rolls and Nowitzki replaces 5. In option 3, Nowitzki flips the ball-screen for 3 so that he can drive baseline. Nowitzki pops towards the elbow for a shot.

  • Basketball Play - Mavericks Spread Pick1 dribbles up the left side of the floor then passes to 4 (Nowitzki) trailing the play.


    4 then reverses the ball to 3.

  • Basketball Play - Mavericks Spread Pick4 follows the pass and sets a ball-screen for 3.


    3 drives to the lane looking to pas to 5 stepping toward the basket or 4 on the roll/pop.

  • Basketball Play - Mavericks Spread Pick1 dribbles up the left side of the floor and instead of passing to 4 he takes a ball-screen from 5.


    1 attacks the baseline looking to pass to 5 on the roll, 4 filling behind the screen, or 2 sliding to the corner.

  • Basketball Play - Mavericks Spread PickIn this option, 4 sets the screen on the opposite side as in option 1.


    3 drives toward the baseline again looking for 4 on the roll, 5 stepping toward the basket, and 2 in the opposite corner.

VCU Post Switch

VCU Post Switch

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In this play, 4 starts at the elbow and 5 starts in the low post. 4 screens down for 5 who sprints straight into a ball-screen for 1 at the top of the key. As 1 dribbles from right to left, 5 rolls and 4 replaces 5. If 1 cannot get the ball into 5 on the roll, he looks at 4 for the hi/lo action.

  • Basketball Play - VCU Post Switch4 sets a down screen for 5.


    5 cuts up to the elbow.


    If 5 isn’t open, he sets a ball-screen for 1.

  • Basketball Play - VCU Post Switch5 rolls to the basket.


    4 cuts to the high post.


    If 4’s defender helps on the roll, 4 will be open for a shot.

Bucknell Bison Ball Screen Offense by Hal Gullick

Bucknell Bison Ball Screen Offense by Hal Gullick


The University of Bucknell men’s basketball finished 28-6, 12-2 in the Patriot League and were crowned as regular season champions. During the Patriot League Tournament the Bison opened to beat Navy by 16 points, in the semifinals they defeated Army by a margin of 8 points, and in the championship game they beat Lafayette 64-56. Bucknell received an automatic bid to the 2013 NCAA Tournament where they lost to #6 Butler in the second round. Bucknell was ranked 3rd in the country in fewest turnovers, had an Offensive Rating of 107.0 (60th out of 347), and averaged 67 points per game.

A key component to the success Bucknell saw on the court can be attributed to their ball screen motion offense. Here are a few of the most common ball screen offenses with some of their popular actions. This ball screen motion is what Bucknell flowed into after their initial secondary break. This type of ball screen motion offense gives players structure, but also allows them freedom to create and play. Actions from this offense typically are based on how defenders set up and force the defense to make decisions on how to guard the offense.

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Hal Gullick is currently the Boys’ Varsity Assistant Coach at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Oklahoma City, OK. Prior to McGuinness, he was the Lead Varsity Assistant/Junior Varsity Head Basketball Coach at Norman High School for two years. Coach Gullick also served as the lead Varsity Assistant/Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach at Bishop McGuinness for three seasons.

Coach Gullick started his coaching career at the MAYB, AAU, and Junior High ranks in Arkansas, where he served as head boys’ basketball coach for multiple summer teams and programs. Gullick has coached at various basketball camps and clinics throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. He serves as a lead coach for the Kevin Durant Basketball ProCamps, and is also a USA Basketball licensed coach. Coach Gullick is a former student-athlete from the state of Arkansas where he also played high school basketball. While playing in Arkansas, he earned All-District, All-Regional, and Arkansas All-State honors. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on and off the court as a former player and as a coach.

Coach Gullick is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma where he earned a B.S. in Education, and is currently attending the University of Oklahoma pursuing a M.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education with an emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration