Creighton Box Elevator

Creighton Box Elevator

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In this box set play from Creighton, the post players start on the left side of the lane and the wings start on the right side. 2 screens down for 3 who cuts to the right wing for a shot. After 2 sets the screen for 3, he sprints between a double-screen from 4 and 5 to the left wing. 4 and 5 close the screen once 2 has cleared to close off 2’s defender from getting through.

  • Basketball Play - Creighton Box 12 screens down for 3.


    3 cuts to the wing.


    If open, 1 passes to 3 for a shot.

  • Basketball Play - Creighton Box 1After screening for 3, 2 cuts to the opposite wing by running in between 4 and 5.


    As 2 runs through, 4 and 5 step together to set a screen on 2’s defender.


    1 dribbles toward 2 and passes to him for a shot.

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