Louisiana Lafayette Post Option

Louisiana Lafayette Post Option

This article was originally featured on FastModelSports.com

In this post play option from the Ragin Cajuns, the point guard dribbles up the left side of the floor towards the wing. As 1 is dribbling towards the wing, 3 clears from the ball-side corner to the opposite side of the floor. 3 cuts around 5 trying to get 5’s defender to worry about the cut. As 3 clears to the opposite side, 5 steps around for a post-up option from 1. If the post-up isn’t there, 5 steps out to set a ball-screen. 4 moves to the ball-side corner, 1 drives, and 5 rolls to the basket.

  • Basketball Play - ULL Post Option1 dribbles toward the wing as 3 runs the baseline to the opposite corner.


    As 3 clears past 5, 5 loops around and uses 3 running by as a screen and posts up.


    1 looks to pass to 5 in the post.

  • Basketball Play - ULL Post OptionIf 5 isn’t open, he steps out to set a ball-screen for 1.


    4 cuts through the lane to the opposite corner.


    1 dribbles toward the elbow looking to score or pass out to 2.


    2 looks to shoot or pass to 5 cutting to the basket.

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