Geno Auriema DHO/Shuffle Re Screen Action

Geno Auriema DHO/Shuffle Re Screen Action by Dana Beszczynski

Geno Auriemma was supposed to be a re-building year after graduating Stewart, Tuck and Jefferson, All they’ve done to start this year is go 2-0. After a nail biting win over Florida State to open the season, the Lady Huskies knocked off the #2 team in the rankings Baylor.

This play is a nice play to get Katie Lou Samuelson the ball off a shuffle cut, re-screen action. She cuts into the lane off Gabby Williams screen and then Williams quickly sets a second screen to free up Samuelson for a shot attempt.

The UCONN Lady Huskies will be a team to reckon with yet again in Women’s Basketball.

Image of  Lady Huskies DHO/Shuffle Re-Screen Action (one play)

Click here to see the rest of this play.

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