Duke Hammer Action Set Play

Duke ATO – DHO – WEAK SIDE HAMMER ACTION by Dana Beszczynski

A great play from the Duke timeout utilizing the PG as your entry man at the elbow. 1 goes into a DHO with 3 out of the corner right into a ball screen by the 5 man moving across the FT line replacing 1 on the hand-off action.

As 3 comes off the ball screen, 4 steps up to set the “Hammer Screen” for 2 who drifts to the corner looking for a possible pass and shot attempt.

Duke shows great shot clock management, as the primary option is not open, the ball gets reversed and thrown into the post. 2 Kennard makes a great read coming from the weak side corner, cutting to the FT line area offering himself up as an option if the ball cannot be passed inside.

1 & 2 exchange, ball gets kicked-out to 2 who cannot make a play. He throws the ball back inside, cuts into the lane for a possible give “n” go pass.

5 throws the ball out to 4 who dribble flips with 3 and sets a side ball screen.

2 Allen comes off the side ball screen action and gets a wide open jumper.

A great look at how to utilize all options off a play and manage clock.

Image of  Blue Devils ATO - Hammer Action (one play)

Click here to see the rest of this play.

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