3 Ways to Build Trust by Coach Gross

3 Ways to Build Trust by Coach Gross

This article was originally featured on CoachMartyGross.info. Follow @CoachMartyGross on twitter for more coaching material.

We define championship team chemistry and culture as RARE.       

R=Stands for relationships…All we do starts and ends with the relationships with our players and coaches.  Each assistant coach has daily check-ins and Coach Wilson’s door is open 24/7!  He absolutely encourages guys to stop by daily to stick their head his office or sit down and visit, if something is more pressing.

A=Stands for accepting challenges…To win championships, we all must accept challenges in the classroom as well as on the court.

R=Stands for recovery from mistakes…This is not letting a bad play or decision (or a good play for that matter) affect the next play.  This carries over to in the classroom and off the court as well.

E=Stands for executing coach’s directions…This relates to on and off the court actions, behavior, and conduct.

3 Ways to Build Trust:

  1.  Do What You Say. One of the most important steps in building a foundation of trust is to do what you say you will do.  Even if it is a small thing, canceling or failing to follow through will create hairline fractures in your trustworthiness.
    • Although the occasional failure to follow through may not seem like a big deal; repeated failures can add up. Over time, people in your life may come to see you as less trustworthy.
  1.  Honor Your Promises. Trust requires that people believe you will be dependable in the long-term.  Thus, when you make someone a promise, you must keep it.
    • If you truly cannot keep a promise you’ve made, explain face-to-face why you cannot do as you said you would.
    • Especially if your promise was a major one, an explanation might not be enough. You may need to make a new promise to make it up to that person. Be sure to keep this new promise, no matter what!
    • Do not belittle the original promise. However small and insignificant a promise may seem, realize that the other person may place great significance on it. Any lack of follow through could be hugely disappointing.
  1.  Be Consistent. An important part of the definition of reliability is following through with your word many times over an extended period. By definition, someone reliable is someone you can almost always count on.
    • Keep in mind that doing what you say only once or twice won’t build the solid foundation of trust in your relationships that you want.

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