Checklist for Winning Basketball by Ron Sen

Checklist for Winning Basketball by Ron Sen

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What’s on your checklist? Start with Pete Newell’s overarching theme. Add specifics.

Players need to understand and execute the ‘framework’ of the game plan, also known as “Commander’s Intent.”

Coaches assess and assemble players, prepare and practice a strategy and tactics, help develop individual and team execution, motivate, and continually reevaluate and provide feedback. But in the end, “technique defeats tactics” and true excellence in a few areas supersedes being good at many.

But on our implementation checklists, we need both priority and emphasis confirmed by getting feedback from players both individually and collectively. We’ve all seen games (and sometimes championships) lost by failure to execute what was taught. I saw a state sectional championship lost by a point when a team doubled the post three times only to see the helpside defender fail to rotate (specifically assigned and documented in the game plan).

Included (but not limited to) on my checklist:

Team and individual development plan

Conditioning within drills

Pressure defense/defeating pressure defense

Transition defense/Transition offense

Individual and team defense

Zone offense
Early offense (General sets and quick hitters)
Delay game/Comeback game
Competitive shooting/Free throw shooting
Must situations: Best offensive sets, Best SLOBs, Best BOBs, Best Zone plays
End-of-game situations: e.g. leading or  trailing 3, no time outs)
We incorporate these elements within competitive situations, often within controlled scrimmages (e.g. O-D-O three possession play).

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