10 Keys to Becoming a Better Offensive Player

10 Keys to Becoming a Better Offensive Player by Coach Marty Gross

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1. Develop your good habits and eliminate your bad habits.

Easier said than done. This will take much concentration and discipline in practice, games, and “pro time”.

2.  Avoid focusing on the 1 on 1 aspect of your game.

Instead focus on how you can play better with your teammates. This will mean understanding their strengths and weaknesses. What they do well and not so well.

3. Learn to play without the ball.

See #2 and make a concerted effort to set screens, read screens, and play off your teammates. Remember your defender is a help defender. Learn to play off the driver and screener.

4. Think pass first, shoot or score second.

Make the easy pass, but don’t telegraph the pass. The open man is the go to man.

5. Make hard, aggressive, scoring cuts.

Sometimes the most dangerous player is the one who just passed the ball. Sprint to set screens, but change the speed of your cuts.

6. Play with poise.

Players can look almost frantic at the defensive end of the floor, but offensively, you must play hard, but under control. This takes poise.

7. Know your teammates ability.

Understand what your teammates can and cannot do in terms of passing and catching. This will mean playing within yourself especially in games. New moves and passes can be developed during “pro time”.

8. Know time and score.

This is especially important with a shot clock and end game situations. See also #6.

9. Stay focused for entire possession or shot clock.

This is also the challenge for the defense. The best offensive teams do it better than the defense.

10. Learn to play within the play.

This takes patience and poise. Typically, the defense will take away the first option. That’s OK. Go through the play or motion progression. Also, being able to set and read screens effectively increases your chances of being a scoring threat especially away from the ball.

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