Staggered Screens by Ron Sen

Staggered Screens by Ron Sen

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Here are a few examples of ‘staggered screens’.

It’s almost impossible not to begin with the Spurs “Loop” play.

Coach Daniel with great video and options off “Loop”. To be fair, Chuck Daly and the Pistons ran something very similar in their heyday.

The keys are Parker’s speed and his uncanny ability to read who comes open off defensive coverage.

Ridiculous. You can run options off it as well.

Portland’s game winner.

Great offense comes with multiple actions.


I love how Coach Auriemma creates multiple scoring opportunities off a modified 1-4. The initial ‘blind pig’ sets up a back door score and flows into staggered screens with either a mid-range jumper, drive, or elbow screen-and-roll.

Maybe you like “Box” sets and want to run options that way?

Celtics run IT4 for a pop off another stagger.

So, a brief buffet of Loop, SLOB, USWNT, Box, and BOB. Now, can our players execute?

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