Back Door Actions by Ron Sen

Back Door Actions by Ron Sen

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We teach our players core principles to create scoring opportunities. Recently, I’ve shared zone offense sets, pinch post action, and staggered screen sets in the half court and special situations.

With the season a couple of months ago, I’m putting together a list of offensive actions that I want to prioritize. Back door action (including slipping screens) belongs among that list.

Young players should be able to define a back door cut: a cut toward the ball and then away from the ball. They should understand the power of back door cutting against pressure/overplay defense.

This is one of the most famous back cuts ever as Princeton upset UCLA.

In the staggered screen post, I showed the USWNT back cut into staggered screens.

4 would look for 2 on the back cut as a possible initial attack.

The most dangerous pass in basketball is ‘wing to top’ as eager defenders look to intercept and score. That allows crafty point guards to find back attack down the middle.

Instead of running triangle, 5 sets high ball screen and the ball side corner sets up the back cut. If x3 plays very low, 3 may be open for a perimeter shot on the pass from 1.

Jake Presutti shared the next play on FastModel.

Above, they run a ball screen into a weak side back cut.

They run a different style of back door play above. What’s not to like?

Back cut is the 3rd option out of our base DHO series.

I love the horns set, and here’s a Wes Kosel FastModel share via Lithuania.

The 4/5 ball screen turns into a back cut for 3.

With young players, the emphasis is first upon execution…better to have a few options than many.

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