1-4 Low BLOB Series by Ron Sen

BOB 1-4 Low Series by Ron Sen

This article was originally featured on RonSenBasketball.Blogspot.com.

 We can create intriguing inbounds plays if we have the personnel to execute. I’ll call this the 1-4 “Low” series. We are athletic but small and we’re going to have to execute (play better basketball) to be competitive.

We have some grit and some smarts and compete.

Excellent action from our 5 is a key. The inbounder is always a threat.

The inbounder is a threat as a screener as well. Players need to remember that the screener is the second cutter.

We can also set up a midrange shot off the staggered screen, get an iso for 5, or have the 5/3 work weakside after the pass.

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