LA Lakers Power Sting Reverse Pitt

LA Lakers Power Sting Reverse Pitt by Marty Gross

This play was originally featured on Follow @CoachMartyGross on twitter!!!

NBA Play of the Day:

Power Sting Reverse Pitt (Lakers 2013-2014)

Power Sting Rev Pitt_LA Lakers_2013-14

Diagram 1:

1 dribble enters wing.

1-4-3 reverse of the ball.

Option 1:

5/2 backscreen.

3-2 pass for score.

Diagram 2:

Option 2:

1+4/5 staggered downscreen.

3-5 pass for J.

4 slips.

1 spaces to weak wing.

Diagram 3:

Into BS Motion

5-1 pass.

5 can roll or pop.

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