Geno Knows Xs and Os by Ron Sen

Geno Knows Xs and Os by Ron Sen

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Coach Nick at BBallBreakdown has generously shared some USA Basketball concepts and I’m adding some diagrams to reinforce clarity. Coach Geno Auriemma gets underrated for his game understanding and concept implementation.

The first concept you see in the video is Auriemma practicing the team against men. “Make practice hard so that games are easier.”

“Zipper Fist”…zipper cut into high ball screen. You can see how you could run this as a SLOB with equal facility. We’ve discussed how tough it can be to defend DHO into a high ball screen and this “multiple actions” concept applies. He shows multiple options including getting ball side postup action if that fits your personnel.

Coach calls this “High Post Split”. By running the offense middle, there is no “help” side and extending the offense clears the basket area. You see down screen action on one side and flare on the other. There are lots of possibilities including isolating the 5. Elegant!

Coach calls this “Pistol” but I prefer the more descriptive DHO Ball screen. The dribble handoff creates the nightmarish situation of a Taurasi or Augustus middle PnR with bigs like Griner, Charles, or Fowles. When help comes, they have the pitch to shooters. Remember, Auriemma is looking to score a third in transition, a third on 3s, and a third from other sets.

Who doesn’t like horns? Coach Nick shares another way to get separation into a DHO after a pindown. In addition to freeing up a deadly shooter, you get the DHO into roll opportunity or a switch into an unholy mismatch.

Horns morphs into 1-4 with “Blind Pig” action. Sometimes they continue this into a weak side ‘stagger’ as 2 goes to the block, screens, and goes through, setting up a 3/5 PnR

Coach then fires up some Triangle Offense, going through the main options, including “Pinch Post” (Option 2), and the weak side flash.

Anybody who thinks that Geno couldn’t coach in the NBA (“He coaches girls”) just doesn’t know the game.

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