Rising Coaches Clinic Notes – Michael Fly

Rising Coaches Clinic Notes – Michael Fly
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Michael FlyFlorida Gulf Coast Men’s BasketballAssistant Coach

  • Can you take a free job or a very low paying job right away?
    • Investing in your resume is more important than your bank account
  • It’s harder to sustain success rather than obtain it
    • Expectation levels to compete with yourself is your hardest competition
  • Make the big time where you are
  • Spend the extra money to buy nicer things so that you look the part (personally & with your program)
  • You have to make your guys feel like winners.
    • Always make sure your players have High Major gear and things you are capable of providing
  • Make Team Camp a marketing tool
    • Get the best teams, give them a great schedule, touch them, great gear, etc.
      • Earn credibility

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