Player Analysis – Jared Brownridge

Player Analysis – Jared Brownridge by Amit Tailor

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Today’s post will be about Santa Clara junior guard, Jared Brownridge. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the WCC, Jared Brownridge is an All Conference guard. For the season, he blazed through the conference with some incredible games and stat lines, but did so hitting some incredibly difficult shots! You may remember him from his outburst on Thanksgiving night against Arizona, but in case you didn’t many of those clips are included in some film below.

– Tough shot maker
– Comfortable range to NBA 3 point line
– Catch and shoot 3 ability
– Off dribble 3 ability
– Capable of taking over games in critical moments

– Finishing at the rim and in close
– Tends to disappear for long stretches
– Lateral foot speed
– Pick and roll defense
– Should be able to get downhill and attack the rim more
– Tendency to settle for tough mid-range shots (107 mid-range attempts on the year, sub-30% shooter)

Though the film and shot chart can only illustrate so much, this kid needs more exposure in big time games and situations. He is a career 41.7% 3 point shooter, and many of those are contested. His shooting percentage has stayed fairly consistent through his 3 seasons at Santa Clara, especially from 3. Despite a drop in shooting percentages in 2015-16, he still increased his free throw rate considerably, with many more trips to the line.

Below you’ll find some highlights of his 2015-16 season. Enjoy!

Any comments and questions are more than welcome! Enjoy! Cannot thank the people who have encouraged me to do this enough!

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