Keys to a Successful Offense

Keys to a Successful Offense by Matt Monroe

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1. Communicate your actions with your teammates.
2. Share the basketball.
3. Move the ball side-top-side. Get reversals!
4. Work for the BEST shot each possession, not the first one you see.
5. Pass to the next open man.
6. Maintain good spacing regardless of your offensive alignment.
7. Be in constant motion off the ball, but move with a purpose.
8. Put players in a position where they can take makable shots.
9. Diversify your offensive actions.
10. Read your teammates’ actions and react accordingly.
11. Look to push the ball in transition. Get out and run!
12. Exhibit patience and toughness with the ball.
13. Be an inside-outside offensive team first and foremost.
14. Get to the free throw line.
15. Execute our sets with efficiency and precision.
16. Work on the fundamentals on a daily basis in practice.

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