Plays and Scoring Workout from Michael Lang

Plays and Scoring Workout from Michael Lang

This pdf includes several plays and a scoring workout from Coach Michael Lang. These plays were also featured on The plays include:

4 Low Pass to Passer Play

2-3 Zone High Lob Play

Vandy Screen Low Zone Play

Mali Box Set Play

Montana Box Inbounds Play

PLUS a Post Player Scoring Workout

Click here to download the PDF!

Michael-Lang-2Michael lang has been coaching  for over 22 years at various levels of basketball. Lang has coached at different High Schools including Bogan,Corliss,Julian and Urban Prep Englewood; all as the assistant coach. He also coached the Chicago Public League all star games in 2013, 2015, and in 2016. His all-star record is 5-1. Next Lang coached at East-West University as the associate head  coach in 2000, later became the assistant coach at Kennedy-King C.C during 2001-03. In his two years at KKC, the team was 46-17 sending 11 kids to college programs. In October 2004, Lang  was named the Head Coach at East -West Univ. in Chicago. Lang and the team finished 83-71 in his seven years at EWU. In 2011, Lang was named the assistant coach at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Also Lang served as an assistant coach at Indiana Northwest Univ in Gary, Indiana. Next, Lang coached the Chi-Town Bulldogs, an ABA team, for one season. Michael lang is the CEO of Real Hoops Coach Consultant, an NCAA APPROVED basketball scouting service.In 2015, Lang spoke at the Nike Basketball Clinic in Overland Park, KS. He has a Nike Championship Production DVD and is currently the assistant coach at Kennedy-King C.C. in Chicago.


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