Texas A&M Corpus Christi Free Throw Play

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Free Throw Play by Coach Marty Gross

This play was featured in the Coach Gross Newsletter. Follow Coach Gross on Twitter here!

Here is a game winning play. Call is “Flood”. It is 1 of 4 lane steps we use from free throw line.  “Flood” is used end game when we need a 2 or 3 to tie or win.

Go Islanders!

Islander Playbook Special:


flood ft

Diagram 1:

Flood is used end game when free throw shooter must miss so offensive team can secure offensive rebound to sore a 2 or back tap for a 3.

Best, toughest offensive rebounder spaces as far away from his man as possible. In this example it is 3.  When ball hits rim, 3 fakes into the lane and spins behind x3 to get inside position.  4 also spaces as far from his man on lane line as possible. When ball hits rim, 4 fights to rim line.  He is trying to drag x4 with him.   x5 is responsible for blocking out the shooter.  In this example, 5.

Diagram 2:

1 sprints down the lane line when the ball hits the rim. Even though 1 must wait for the ball to hit the rim, he will steal a possession for his team with this offensive lane step.  3 will also steal rebounds on his spin move.  4 will be able to back tap or grab a long rebound.   2 can crash if only 2 points is needed.  2 must space to 3 for a back tap, if 3 points is needed.

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