Road to Rio – Free International Playbook

Road to Rio – Free International Playbook

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The 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics are coming up on us fast. The field is set and the best teams in the world will tip off in less than a week. Our Road to Rio Playbook features 53 of the best half court sets and out of bounds plays run in the lead up to Rio during Olympic qualifying.

This playbook is a must have for coaches that love spacing and multiple action sets. Playbook by Coach Wes Kosel.

Below is just a sample of plays you will find in the Road to Rio Playbook. If you’re a FastDraw subscriber, click on the play diagrams below to send these great plays to your FastDraw account.

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Lithuania – Horns Turn Down Double Pin

The point guard turns down a ball screen and passes to the screener. Once the big has it, both 1 and 4 set down screens allowing 5 to make the pass to the open shooter.

FastTradePreview (13)

Spain – Shuffle Stagger Spain

This play uses a shuffle/stagger action combined with a “Spain” action (back screen on the ball screen roll”. Spain does a great job of using multiple actions to make it difficult for the defense to keep up.

FastTradePreview (14)

Serbia – Pin Top Stagger

In this play, Serbia gets a quick shot look on the left wing from a secondary pin down screen, but when it isn’t there 2 uses a staggered ball-screen at the top of the key from 3 and 5.

FastTradePreview (15)

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