Tiger BLOB by Ron Sen

Tiger BLOB by Ron Sen

This article was originally featured on Ron Sen’s blog, ronsenbasketball.blogspot.com.

Simplicity often rules. Last night at practice, I ‘test drove’ a play we used to use in junior high school almost fifty years ago. When I introduce a new play, I don’t tell the defense what’s coming and see how they (and the offense) react.

First, this obviously gets run against man-to-man.
Second, it often generates a switch.
Third, the screener is almost always open on the roll.
Fourth, neither the offense nor the defense knows who is getting screened.
Fifth, eventually the screener get a free ‘slip’ to the basket.
Sixth, you can run the 3 through and get an elevator screen from the top.
Seventh, you can align the offense along the lane line and bring the screen from the side.
In other words, this simple set generates lots of flexibility, mismatches, and creates some high-quality scoring chances much of the time.

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