Tom Izzo Set Plays

Tom Izzo Set Plays by Zak Boisvert

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With 7 Final 4 appearances and over 500 wins, Tom Izzo is widely regarded as one of college basketball’s best coaches. Izzo’s Michigan State teams are excellent at seemingly every facet of the game from rebounding to ball screen defense to transition offense to screening to zone offense. You name it, Izzo’s teams do it at a high level. I’m a big fan of Izzo’s sets in the half court and wanted to showcase some I really like. The first 3 videos below were put together by Evan Orzolek who runs a great YouTube channel filled with great X’s and O’s breakdowns that coaches will love.

Note: Fred Holberg used to run another great counter to this set

Three Options out of Michigan State’s “Chin” Series
Ball Screen Set (from Gibson Pyper)
Wide Pin Set
Iso Set

Two more sets from Izzo:
“Box Double Turnout”

Horns Set

For more on Izzo:
-The Spartan Leadership Legacy (LINK)
-Anatomy of a Timeout: Tom Izzo clinic notes (LINK)
-Izzo Cheering on Former Spartans in the NBA Playoffs (LINK)
-Working for Tom Izzo (LINK)

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