Best YouTube Channels for X’s & O’s

Best YouTube Channels for X’s & O’s

Building on my Favorite Basketball Websites Post, this article dives into the best YouTube Channels for basketball X’s & O’s. Once again, if you have any suggestions or additions please comment below! Below each link is a sample from the channel.

Coach Nick – BBallBreakdown

Breakdowns, interviews, and more!

Zak Boisvert – PickandPop

Some of the best X’s & O’s on YouTube.

Brandon Chambers – The Coaching Clipboard

Awesome plays of the week videos.

Gibson Pyper – HalfCourtHoops

NCAA & NBA plays as well as terminology.

Coach RB – Elite Coach Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching advice.

FastModel Sports

Tips for using FastDraw and FastScout as well as #HoopChats with coaches.


International highlights and games, but also check out the “basketball fundamentals” playlist with recordings of clinics.

Coaching U Live

Awesome clinic videos and more!

Adam Spinella

NBA Offense.

Evan Orzolek

Really good NCAA X’s & O’s.

Greg Youncofski

Mostly NBA X’s & O’s.

John Leonzo

Basketball interviews and set plays.

John Zall

NCAA & NBA breakdowns.

Randy Sherman – Radius Athletics

Check out his motion offense videos.

Coach Daniel

Coach Daniel does a really good job breaking down offenses and providing commentary.

Lucas Shapiro

A lot of good plays on Shaprio’s channel.

Jeff Parriott

Coach Parriott has a lot of good playlists breaking down some of the best college basketball offenses.

Basketball Immersion

Basketball Immersion breaks down a lot of training ideas and drills.

Pro Training Basketball

Kyle Gilreath – Words on the Bounce

Lots of good X’s & O’s.

Online Basketball Drills

A lot of good drills and plays.

Basketball Coach Allen

Coach Allen breaks down NBA and NCAA plays.

And of course, HoopsChalkTalk videos can be found on my YouTube Channel – Wes Kosel


4 thoughts on “Best YouTube Channels for X’s & O’s

  1. Go to “Doug Schakel You Tube” for over 20 basketball coaching videos including zone offense and shooting. Features two-time Hall of Fame coach Doug Schakel, skill development coach for 2015 NJCAA Div. II National Champions.


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