My Favorite Basketball Websites

The Best Basketball Coaching Websites

Below are some of my favorite coaching websites (in no particular order). A lot of coaching is learning from others and stealing ideas. These websites are a great resource when developing a coaching philosophy. If you have any suggestions on websites to add please comment below!

Mens Basketball Hoopscoop by Scott Peterman – tons of free resources including plays, drills, and clinic notes. Awesome playbooks for sale if you want bulk X’s & O’s.

FastModelSports Play Library & Blog – FastDraw is the easiest way to diagram and store your plays. FastModel has a HUGE play library and a great coaching blog.

Elite Coach Mentoring – Coach Randy Brown – CoachRB runs an awesome mentoring program with access to his Coaching VAULT full of basketball and coaching resources. by Zak Boisvert – Boisvert is one of the best X’s & O’s guys out there. His website has a ton of plays, articles, and more. by Brandon Chambers – Some of the best videos on YouTube!

The Basketball Playbook by Gibson Pyper – Coach Pyper has TONS of video playbooks and specializes in NBA sets.

Basketball for Coaches by Coach Mac – Tons of great material specializing in youth basketball.

Hoops U by Tony Alfonso – Great content and also offers a subscription option to Hoops U Basketball Academy.

Evan Orzolek Basketball by Evan Orzolek – Tons of X’s & Os with great YouTube videos.

HoopThoughts by Bob Starkey – Tons of articles, motivational material, and “off the court” ideas.

Basketball Outliers by Amit Tailor – Coach Tailor dives into the “outliers” of the game breaking down player tendencies and shot charts. by Steve Smiley – Coach Smiley shares great coaching ideas on his blog.

The Box and One by Adam Spinella – Spinella has some great articles on the NBA, analytics, and X’s & O’s. by Max Sass – Great articles and insights from Wesleyan Assistant Coach Max Sass. by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association – Videos, notes, and more from the top women’s coaches!

Basketball Coach Weekly by Michael Austin – Coach Austin has a great free newsletter as well as a more in-depth magazine. – TONS of clinic notes. – Check out the archives of newsletters. by Jeff Osterman – Check out his newsletter!

The Tribe by Better Basketball – Better Basketball’s blog featuring plays, drills, and articles.

Coaching Toolbox  – A lot of great drills and plays.

Kevin Eastman Basketball by Kevin Eastman – Coach Eastman if full of knowledge. He has done a ton of great work with Coaching U Live as well. by Don Meyer – The legendary Coach Meyer has tons of coaching resources on his website. Check out the “free handouts” tab! by James Gels – Check out the “offenses” page which dives into different types of offenses and formations.

Breakthrough Basketball – Free drills, plays, tips, advice, and resources.

Basketball Immersion – All about #SharetheGame

FIBA Coaching Education – Download the “Basketball for Young Players” book (several languages available). by Mark Dannhoff – Good notes on coaching and recruiting philosophies. by Marty Gross – Coach Gross sends out a great newsletter featuring college and NBA plays. by Doug Novak – The Bethel Head Coach shares great coaching philosophy notes and skill videos. by Brendan Suhr – Awesome coaching resources from Coach Suhr. by George Raveling – Coach Raveling has some great resources and guest columns.

And of course HoopsChalkTalk has tons of resources including plays, drills, videos and more!

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