Archie Miller Dayton Flyers Drag Play

Archie Miller Dayton Flyers Drag Play

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Flyer Drag

Basketball Play - Flyer Drag

  • 1 dribbles up the right side of the floor towards the right wing.Basketball Play - Flyer Drag
  • 5 sets a drag screen for 1.1 dribbles towards the middle of the floor as 5 rolls to the basket.


    1 looks to pass to 5 on the roll or pass to 4 on the perimeter.

    Basketball Play - Flyer Drag

  • Once 4 has the ball, he looks again inside to 5 posting up.If 5 isn’t open, he leaks out to the opposite corner.


    2 sneaks in from the corner to set a flare screen for 1.


    1 flares to the wing for a shot.

Click on the pdf link below to download the Archie Miller Dayton Flyers Set Play

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