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Below are several plays from Serbia used in EuroBasket 2015. Serbia is looking to clinch a final spot in the Olympics by winning the Olympic Qualifying Tournament hosted in Serbia starting on July 4th. Serbia finished 4th at EuroBasket 2015 and will need to be out Angola, Czech Republic, Japan, Latvia, and Puerto Rico to make it to Rio in August.

Pin Top Stagger

In this play, Serbia gets a quick shot look on the left wing from a secondary pin down screen, but when it isn’t there 2 uses a staggered ball-screen at the top of the key from 3 and 5.


Get Pin Top Stagger Here

Top Flare PNR

In this set, Serbia starts with a pass to 4 and a quick pass back to 1 as 1 moves from right to left. 4 then flares off of 5 and 5 sets a ball-screen for 1.


Get Top Flare PNR Here

BLOB Corner Handoff

Serbia gets a quick shot in the corner using this inbounds play. 4 screens in for 5 and 2 sets a screen for 3 who cuts to the top of the key for a shot.


Get BLOB Corner Handoff Here

Push Zipper Handoff

1 dribbles up the right sideline pushing 2 into a zipper screen. 1 passes to 5 with perfect timing so that 2 can take a handoff as he cuts off of the zipper screen and around 5.


Get Push Zipper Handoff Here


In this inbounds play, 2 makes a zipper cut off of 5 to get the ball from 1. 4 moves up to set a ball-screen for 2 just as he catches it. As 2 dribbles left, 4 rolls to the basket and 5 replaces 4 at the top of the key.


Get SLOB Zipper PNR Here

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