Mexico National Team – Ball Screen Offense

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Below are five ball-screen plays used by Mexico in the 2015 FIBA Americas Championship against Canada. Mexico likes to get cutters on the move sprinting straight into ball-screens as well as spreading the floor for high ball-screens. Gustavo Ayon, a center for Mexico, is very effective at rolling to the rim off of high ball-screens. Mexico will compete in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament taking place in Italy in July.

Slice PNR

In this play, Mexico can take a cutter from the opposite side of the floor (or ball-side corner) and cut him up to the top of the key. On the catch, the big is ready to set a high ball-screen.


Get Slice PNR

Zipper PNR

Similar to the last play, but now the cutter is coming off of a zipper screen to catch at the top of the key or in the slot. Then a big comes to set the high ball-screen.


Get Zipper PNR


This play puts the defense at an immediate disadvantage having to first guard a dribble handoff followed by a high ball-screen.



Spread Top PNR

Mexico likes to spread the floor leaving space for the bigs to roll to the rim. The shooters on the wing help keep defenders from packing it in.


Get Spread Top PNR

SLOB Zipper Follow PNR

In this sideline out-of-bounds play, the big sets a zipper screen then turns and follows the cutter to set a ball-screen on the catch.


Get SLOB Zipper Follow PNR

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