Italy National Team Offense

Italy National Team Offense

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By: Wes Kosel / Contributor

The Olympic Qualifying Tournaments start on July 4th, and Italy is hosting one of the three tournaments this month. Italy faces off against Tunisia in the first game and will compete against Croatia, Greece, Iran, and Mexico for one of three available spots to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Below are five set plays used by Italy in the 2015 EuroBasket Tournament and a video as well.

Italy – 1-4 Cross Back Screen

In this 1-4 high set, Italy gets the 4 man the ball on the move in the slot looking to drive with a cross screen. 5 then sets a back-screen for the point if the drive for 4 isn’t there.


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Italy – Horns Pop Drive

In this horns set, 4 pops out for a shot but uses the position of 5 to drive to the rim. 5 rolling to the basket gets “in the way” creating a rub type action when 4 drives.


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Italy – High Single Side

Italy runs a high ball-screen towards the single guard side (only one guard on the right wing). Running it this way opens up the right side of the floor for penetration.


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Italy – BLOB Y

This is a simple out of bounds play to get a quick shot on the right wing. The bigs set up on the block and screen in for the guards cutting out for a shot.


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Italy – Spread Drag

In this secondary action, Italy runs a drag action towards the 2 man side and then runs a roll/replace with the big/guard. The guard lifts up from the corner for an open 3-point shot if his defender helps on the roll.


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