New Zealand Set Plays

( Starting Five by FastModel Sports – New Zealand was first published

Below are five set plays used by New Zealand in the FIBA Oceania Championship against Australia last year. New Zealand lost to Australia and finished second in the FIBA Oceania Championship. Second place secured New Zealand a spot in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in the Philippines against Turkey, Senegal, Canada, France, and Philippines.

SLOB Slice Step Up


In this play, the guard slices across the floor and on the catch gets a step up ball screen.


Swing Triple


In this spread set, the ball is reversed and a triple staggered screen is set on the right side for the shooter.


Drag Combo


In this secondary play, a drag ball-screen is set and the ball is quickly reversed. Then the cutter gets a down screen into a dribble handoff combo.




This “fake action” PTP makes it look like a screen is being set by 2, but instead he quickly cuts off of a double down staggered screen for a shot.


SLOB Top Flare


New Zealand opens up a quick shot on this flare counter play. The guard cuts towards the top of the key and when the defender jumps the cut he flares back to the right.



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