Puerto Rico Offense

(HoopDirt.com Starting Five by FastModel Sports – Puerto Rico was first published byHoopDirt.com)

Below are several plays used by Puerto Rico used in the 2015 FIBA Americas Tournament. Puerto Rico, coached by Rick Pitino, will be playing in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Serbia against Angola, Czech Republic, Japan, Latvia, and Serbia.

Horns Handoff Flare

In this play, they set a cross screen into a point handoff straight into a flare screen for the 4 man. The combo action can open up a driving lane for the guard or a flare shot for the 4.


Top Ram

This play makes the defense move and finishes with a ram action (down screen right into a ball-screen).


Horns Handoff

This play is similar to the first one, but the point guard looks to drive immediately after taking the handoff. This is a great counter to use after first going to the flare option.


Clear Handoff

In this set, Coach Pitino clears out the left side of the floor for a handoff and quick drive to the rim.


BLOB Quick Curl

The 4 sets a down screen for the point guard in the lane. The defender trails the cutter and 1 curls the screen for a shot.


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