Cleveland Cavaliers Horns Series

Cleveland Cavaliers Horns Series

These plays were originally featured by FastModel Sports on the HoopDirt Starting Five. Click here to view the original article.

Below are five sets from the Cleveland Cavaliers that they used in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Toronto. The Cavs put LeBron James at the right elbow and enter each set with a pass directly to LeBron at the high post.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Horns Point Away Handoff

In this set, Matthew Dellavedova passes to LeBron at the high post then screens away to the left elbow. Richard Jefferson makes a cut to the right block and Dellavedova loops around LeBron to take a handoff as he dribbles right. LeBron rolls off the handoff for a quick lob at the rim.


Get Horns Point Away Handoff Here

Cleveland Cavaliers – Horns Point Away Cross PNR

This set is similar to the first one but Richard Jefferson goes “over” the screen from Dellavedova instead of “under”. The Cavs get a little jumbled in this set, but it looks like Jefferson was supposed to screen for the baseline runner as Dellavedova used the ball-screen from LeBron in the slot.


Get Horns Point Away Cross PNR Here

Cleveland Cavaliers – Horns Point Away Lob

As a counter to the over the top cut on the last play, Jefferson goes back door on the screen from Dellavedova for a wide open alley-oop pass from LeBron James at the right elbow.


Get Horns Point Away Lob Here

Cleveland Cavaliers – Horns Stagger Drive

With all of the action going on at the left elbow, this play was played perfectly for LeBron to drive to the rim. Instead of setting the screen at the left elbow, Dellavedova continues around Jefferson to set a staggered screen in the corner with Jefferson. The defenders focus on guarding the staggered screen leaving room for LeBron to cut directly to the rim.


Get Horns Stagger Drive Here

Cleveland Cavaliers – Horns Elbow Ram

This play put the Raptors at a disadvantage trying to guard a ball-screen for LeBron at the right elbow. The Raptors ended up switching on the screen and it looks like LeBron could have continued driving to the rim for a layup.


Get Horns Elbow Ram Here

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