Steve Jenkins Evangel University Offense

Steve Jenkins Evangel University Offense

Here are two plays from Evangel University Head Coach Steve Jenkins. Jenkins just completed his 34th year as the head coach at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. Evangel competes in the Heart of America Athletic Conference as a NAIA-I member. In 34 years at Evangel, Jenkins has compiled over 600 wins. He was won 6 conference championships, led his team to 12 NAIA tournament appearances, and won the NAIA-II National Championship in 2002. During that season, the Crusaders went 35-1 (20-0 in conference play). Jenkins ranks 5th in total wins for NAIA-I active coaches and 9th when combining both NAIA-I & NAIA-II active coaches. Jenkins graduated from Evangel, where he played both basketball and baseball. Jenkins coached the Evangel baseball team from 1978-1982. In addition to his current basketball coaching duties, Jenkins serves as the head coach for men’s golf and is an associate professor of physical education.

Steve Jenkins Evangel Crusaders Offense – 1-4 High Double Loop
1 passes to 3. 5 and 4 set a staggered screen for 2 who curls into the lane. If 2 isn’t open, he continues to the corner as 4 curls into the lane off of a screen from 5 at the high post. 1 moves down to the wing and 5 pops to the top of the key after setting the screen. If neither 2 or 4 are open, 3 passes to 5. If 4’s defender chases him over the screen, 4 looks to hold his defender on the high side as 5 looks to make the hi/lo pass to 4 or passes to 1 who looks inside to 4.

Steve Jenkins Evangel Crusaders Offense – Shuffle Up-Screen
5 sets a screen for 3 who cuts to the opposite low post. 4 screens down for 5 who pops up for a shot. If 3 isn’t open, he cuts to the wing off of a down screen from 2. 1 passes to 3. Once 3 has the ball, 4 sets a screen for 5 who cuts to the low post. 2 and 1 move together to set a screen for 4 who cuts up for a shot. 3 looks to pass to 5 in the post or to 4 for a shot.

Click here to download the PDF! Steve Jenkins Evangel University Offense

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