Boston Celtics Summer League BLOB

Boston Celtics Summer League BLOB

Here is a baseline out-of-bounds play from Boston Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry. Shrewsberry has been an assistant for the Celtics under Brad Stevens since 2013. Before breaking into the NBA, Shrewsberry was an assistant coach at Purdue under Matt Painter and an assistant coach for Brad Stevens at Butler. He also spent time as an assistant coach at Wabash and at Marshall as the director or basketball operations. He was also a head coach for two seasons at IU South Bend. Shrewsberry was the head coach for the Celtics summer league squad. Jay Larranaga, also a Celtics assistant coach, served as the summer league head coach the past two seasons and also coached the 3 games that Boston played in Salt Lake City.

Micah Shrewsberry Boston Celtics Summer League BLOB Play – BLOB Stagger
2 starts with the ball out of bounds. The Celtics put the best shooter at the top of the key for this play. The play starts with 4 screening for 3. 3 cuts to the basket hard looking to get an easy lay-up if possible. If 3 isn’t open at the rim, 4 steps out to the 3-point line and gets the inbounds pass from 2. Once 4 has the ball, 2 steps inbounds just inside the 3-point line. 4 dribbles towards 1 on the left wing and gives the ball to 1 on a dribble hand-off. 1 will then dribble towards the top of the key. With all of the open space dribbling right, 1 can look to get into the middle of the floor and score. At the same time, 4 and 2 move towards the rim to set a staggered screen for 3 under the basket. 3 cuts out to the left wing for a shot.

Click here to download the PDF! Boston Celtics Summer League BLOB

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