New Zealand Man Offense

New Zealand Man Offense

Attached are 3 set plays from the New Zealand National Team. New Zealand is part of FIBA Oceania and has won 3 gold medals in the Oceania Championships (2009, 2001, & 1999). New Zealand’s best finish in the FIBA Basketball World Cup was 4th in 2002. That year, New Zealand beat Russia and Venezuela in group play. They would go on to lose to eventual champion Yugoslavia and lost the 3rd place game to Germany. In 2014, New Zealand went 2-3 in group play and made it to bracket play. New Zealand faced off against Lithuania and lost in a close game 76-71. Lithuania would go on two more rounds and eventually lose to the United States in the semi-finals. These plays were taken from the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

New Zealand Offense – Horns DHO Hi/Lo

1 dribbles to the right wing as 4 screens down for 2. 2 cuts off of the screen and gets the ball from 1 on a dribble hand-off. Once 2 has the ball, he dribbles right off of a ball-screen from 5. 4 cuts across the lane. 2 passes back to 5 after clearing the screen. 5 immediately looks inside to 4 for the hi/lo pass.

New Zealand Offense – Horns Wheel

1 passes to 4 at the high post then loops around to the corner. 4 passes to 3 cutting off of a down-screen from 5. Once 3 has the ball, he dribbles middle as 5 screens for 2 and 4 and 1 move towards the lane. If 2 gets the ball, he dribbles off of a ball-screen from 4. 1 cuts to the corner off of a screen from 5.

New Zealand Offense – SLOB PTP

2 sets a back-screen for 4. 5 screens for 2. 3 looks to pass to 2 or 5. If 5 gets the ball, 3 loops around looking for a quick hand-off.

Click here to download the PDF! New Zealand Man Offense

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