Zone Runner Playbook

Zone Runner Playbook

Attached in this playbook are 12 zone quick hitters utilizing a runner. Some of these plays are from the Division 1 level and others are from the Division 3 level. At Colorado College, we have seen some good zone quick hitters against 2-3 and 1-2-2 zones. Using a runner can be a way to create an overload or force the zone defenders to shift. A lot of teams use runner actions with a shooter to get an open shot or use the runner as a decoy. Either way, the best zone plays force the defense to end up with two players on the ball forcing a scramble situation to recover to shooters.

Zone Runner Quick Hitters

  • Zone Runner
  • Zone Baseline Runner
  • Zone Stack
  • Kansas Zone Post Hook
  • Aggie Zone Quick Hitter
  • Zone Runner with High Ball-Screen
  • Zone Push Shallow
  • Zone Runner
  • Zone Post X Runner
  • Zone Over the Top
  • Zone Hi/Lo Runner
  • Zone Corner Flare

Click here to download the PDF! Zone Runner Playbook

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