Matt Garnett Wayland Baptist Set Plays

Matt Garnett Wayland Baptist Set Plays

Here are 3 set plays from former Wayland Baptist University Head Coach Matt Garnett. Garnett took over as head coach for Wayland Baptist in 2011. Garnett played basketball at Wayland and Biola University. He graduated from Wayland in 2005 and worked as an assistant coach and teacher at Midland High School and South Houston High school after college. Garnett came back to Wayland as an assistant in 2008 and then took an assistant job at McMurry a year later. He became the head coach at McMurry in 2010 and led the War Hawks to a 21-8 record and a NCAA Division III Tournament Appearance. After one season, he moved on to WBU where he coached through the 2014-2015 season. This past season, Garnett led the Pioneers to a 27-6 record, a 13-5 Sooner Athletic Conference record, and a Sooner Athletic Conference Tournament Championship winning over Mid-America Christian 94-60. The Pioneers would lose out to Evangel (MO) in the NAIA National Tournament.

Matt Garnett Wayland Baptist Set Plays – Chin
1 dribbles right as 5 sets a screen for 2. 4 and 3 exchange positions on the left side of the floor. Once 2 is under the rim, he can cut off of 4 or 5’s screen for a shot.

Matt Garnett Wayland Baptist Set Plays – Head Tap
1 dribbles right and passes to 2. 4 moves in to set a flare-screen for 1. 2 passes to 1. If 1 doesn’t have a shot, he dribbles left as 5 moves across the lane and 3 loops around 4 and 2’s staggered down-screen.

Matt Garnett Wayland Baptist Set Plays – Zipper Fade Post
1 dribbles right pushing 2 around 5 at the block. 2 makes a zipper cut up the lane line and gets the ball from 1. 2 dribbles left as 3 sets a flare-screen for 4.


Click here to download the PDF! Matt Garnett Wayland Baptist Set Plays

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