Clippers Adjust Pick & Roll Defense

Clippers Adjust Pick & Roll Defense by Zak Boisvert

This article was originally featured on Zak Boisvert’s website: PickandPop.Net.

Good article here on the adjustments Doc Rivers & Lawrence Frank made to the Clippers’ ball screen defense system this offseason. Their move to a “Drop” coverage (popularized by the Pacers with Roy Hibbert) limits the help the 3 defenders not involved with the screen need to provide (thus protecting the 3-point line). The coverage puts a huge onus on the two defensive players directly involved in the pick & roll.

A change in the team’s philosophy on pick-and-roll coverage will keep big men closer to the basket, and, at least in theory, keep opponents off the 3-point line.

The change will put more stress on the two players involved in the play, but it should help keep the team out of help situations.


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