Player Analysis by Amit Tailor – Isaia Cordinier

Player Analysis by Amit Tailor – Isaia Cordinier

This article was originally featured on Amit Tailor’s website:

I probably should have said this in the previous post on Dragan Bender, but it goes without saying that international players (for most of us) are outliers only because we know next to nothing about them. We have places like Draftexpress that do a great job in identifying these guys early and get scouting reports up, but they are still pretty unknown. Yesterday we started adding an international flare to the page with Dragan Bender, and today continues along those lines with another international prospect – Isaia Cordinier from Denain ASC Voltaire of France. I’m most excited about this guy because he will be participating (I think) in the Nike Hoop Summit next week! We’ll be stuck with an incomplete data set for now, but I think this has the makings of an interesting picture and story. You can expect a complete story by the time the draft day rolls around.

OK, a little background on this guy. He’s a 6’4″, 195 lb guard. He looks a little bigger than that. Really can’t wait to see him up close at Hoop Summit. According to Draftexpress, he’s got a 6’7″ wingspan, giving him a 1.04 length/height ratio. Not bad. I think that’s right around average for most guys that get drafted.

Now for the fun part – his skill set is really intriguing. Way different than the guys we’ve looked at. So far we’ve seen elite shooting, big time shot making, endless running around screens, etc.

Where Cordinier sets himself apart from this group is with a motor. We don’t really talk about guards with a motor, but this dude brings it every single possession. Like a Kenneth Faried motor at the guard position. Just watching a few minutes of his film and you can see this guy gives everything he’s got every time he’s on the floor.

Motor aside, I really like his first step. Explosive might be a stretch, but he’s definitely got a great first step. It’s probably fair to say the level of competition may make him look better, but regardless this guy is still blowing by people without screens. So what’s a great first step do? For starters, it helps guys who play in straight lines, and Cordinier is a straight line driver. This also plays into his tendency to reject ball screens, especially on the side.

Cordinier’s athleticism doesn’t jump off the charts, but he’s just athletic enough to make some plays at the rim. He’s not afraid to throw it down, as you’ll see in the film. I think he’s also got the athleticism to defend NBA 1’s and 2’s, and pick and roll defense seems to be something he’s worked on. The athleticism combined with his effort and passion for the game make for a good defensive player. The wingspan doesn’t hurt either.

Though not a great shooter from deep, it’s not for a lack of confidence. I hope my eyes aren’t tricking me, but he doesn’t strike me as a reliable deep shooter despite the 41.9% shooting. Capable, yes. Reliable? Maybe not. Again, definitely not for a lack for confidence because he let’s them fly from really deep (see how far behind the line some of those shots are from).

Perhaps the best attribute is his feel for the game. He can play in pick and roll, rarely shoots it right out of the coverage, and will probe and probe to make a pass or get to the rim. We have a very small data set for his shot chart, but he can finish at the rim pretty well.

– Energy and passion
– Motor
– First step
– Feel
– Confidence

– What is his position?
– Adjusting to NBA defense and spacing?
– Very right handed – can he finish with both hands?

I’m really excited to see him compete at the Hoop Summit this week! Stay tuned for more on this guy! In the meantime, have a look at an early shot chart and some film.

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