Player Analysis by Amit Tailor – Mamadou Ndiaye

Player Analysis by Amit Tailor – Mamadou Ndiaye

This article was originally featured on Coach Tailor’s website:

OK, back to my west coast bias for today. I promise it won’t just be west coast guys and that there will be an influx of east coast and midwest guys soon! Bear with me!

Today we’ll focus on UC Irvine big man (and big is an understatement), Mamadou Ndiaye. I jokingly called him ‘Big Mama’ and the Irvine gym ‘Big Mama’s House’.

We also have a couple of seasons worth of shot charts here to illustrate a few things about him. Let’s highlight a few things and keep this post short so you can enjoy all the poster dunks he’s had on people. I’ll have another post later on with a 2015-16 chart for him.

He is every bit of 7’6″. This is good and bad. I’m not sure what kind of physical shape he’s in, but changing ends of the floor is tough for him. The teams that have had success against Irvine have been able to make games a track meet, especially if he’s in the game. Irvine also plays a lot of 2-3 zone when he’s in the game. Here is probably the most important thing you need to know about this guy: HE WILL NOT DEFEND PICK AND ROLLS! He won’t even come out of the lane to the level of the screen. I don’t think he has the lateral quickness to cover, but boy can he protect the paint, and if that wasn’t obvious due to his size, you’ll see it on film. I think his presence alone discourages shots, which is probably the best defense ever.

As you’d expect, most of his production came right at the rim. At 7’6″ with a ton of length, he barely has to jump to dunk the ball, and he can also do this from outside the charge circle and just put it on your head (ask Emmanuel Ndumanya from Santa Clara).

As far as post moves go, he’s not crazy strong so it’s not as much brute force, but he can back you down some and likes the left shoulder hook shots.

– Size and length
– Finishing at the rim is easy (72% and 66% from in close, stay tuned to see how that went this year)
– Rim and paint protection – intimidating presence
– Offensive rebounding

– Lateral quickness – probably not going to be able to defend NBA pick and rolls
– Changing ends of the floor – see film, he’s the last guy back and not really hustling in transition!
– Defensive rebounding (23.7% individual DREB rate)

I’m curious to see what kind of chance this guy gets with the NBA. You can’t teach 7’6″, but with the speed of the game and having to defend spread pick and rolls on almost every possession he may become a defensive liability. He can’t camp in the NBA lane because they may actually call multiple defensive 3’s on him. Alas, he’s still an outlier in so many ways, which makes this even more exciting to talk about!

Enjoy the charts and film! The first chart is 2013-14 and the second is 2014-15. Stay tuned for 2015-16!

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