Final Four Clinic Notes – Grey Giovanine

Final Four Clinic Notes – Grey Giovanine, Head Coach Augustana College (IL)

Attached is the PDF presentation from Grey Giovanine’s PDS Clinic at the NABC Convention in Houston, TX. Coach Giovanine is 420-208 in his career. He has been the head coach of Augustana (IL) since 1999, and has not had a losing season since he first took over. He has won 20+ games eight times including three seasons in a row now.

In his clinic, Coach Giovanine spoke about his team’s philosophy to defend, rebound, and run.

6 Parts of the Game

  1. Transition Defense
  2. 1/2 Court Defense
  3. Defensive Rebounding
  4. Transition Offense
  5. 1/2 Court Offense
  6. Offensive Rebounding

Augustana works on defensive and offensive rebounding in practice, and this emphasis has paid off with Augustana having a huge rebounding margin in their conference the past 16 seasons. They work on situations to rebound out of including: defensive and offensive rebounding on the ball, on the weak side, and on the strong side.

The notes also include a sample practice plan from Giovanine and notes on his transition offense. Augustana looks to score in 4 seconds if possible, and if they don’t they run a dribble penetration offense for the next 10 seconds. If the shot clock gets down to 15 seconds, then they will run a set play or offense.

Coach Giovanine then touched on the impact that coaches have on student-athletes and the importance of family and home life.


Click here to download the PDF! Final Four Clinic Notes – Grey Giovanine


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