Tight Stack Continuity Offense

Tight Stack Continuity Offense by Wes Kosel

Attached is a Tight Stack Continuity Offense using a tight stack formation. In Frame 1, the Tight Stack Continuity Offense is started out of a 4 out secondary break. 2 and 3 move from the wing to the low posts, and 4 moves to the elbow after trailing the play in the break. This offense can also be started out of a 1-4 high formation or box set. The offense creates open space for pick and roll action with a shooter cutting off of a double screen on the opposite wing.

Tight Stack Continuity Offense: Once the tight stack is set up, 4 sets a ball-screen for 1 then rolls or pops. 2 cuts off of a double screen from 3 and 5 for a shot on the wing. As 1 penetrates toward the lane, he first looks for the shot, second for 4 rolling or popping, and last to 2 on the wing. Once 2 has the ball on the wing, 1 moves down underneath 4 in a tight stack. 5 then sets a ball-screen for 2 and rolls to the basket or pops after the screen. 3 cuts off of the double screen to the wing, and again 2 is looking for the shot first, the screener second, and the shot third. The playbook continues until 1 has the ball again on the wing.

You can use this Tight Stack Continuity Offense until the defense breaks down, or you can set up in a quick hitter as the shot clock runs down. Whichever you choose, the defense will have to work hard to guard the pick & roll action and the cutter off of the double screen. Ideally the defense will break down at some point. It is up to the attacking guards to read the defense and make the appropriate play.

Click here to download the PDF! Tight Stack Continuity Offense

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