March Madness – The Other Brackets

March Madness- The Other Brackets by Wes Kosel

The 2016 NCAA Tournament field of 68 was selected earlier today, but so were 3 other post-season brackets. Although not on as big a stage as the NCAA Tournament, many of these teams have a lot to play for in the NIT, CIT, and CBI.

In addition to the NCAA Tournament X’s & O’s, I will be posting plays from the other brackets as well.



Some really good matchups here… As always, it will be interesting to see if the 1 seeds play inspired or feel sorry for themselves for not making the big dance.



I’m looking forward to the last two games, UC-Irvine/North Dakota and Corpus Christi/UL-Lafayette.



Watch out for Vermont, they were close to being in the field of 68 and have something to prove.

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