NC A&T vs. Coppin State – MEAC Tournament

MEAC Tournament Sets – NC A&T vs. Coppin State by Wes Kosel

Here are two plays used by North Carolina A&T and Coppin State in the opening round of the MEAC Tournament. Coppin State, the 11 seed in the tournament upset North Carolina A&T, who was the 6 seed. Coppin State then went on to lose to S.C. State in the next round. The play from NC A&T is a nice zipper action set with an added hand-off to make it difficult for the defense to guard. A counter to this play is to have the cutter off of the zipper cut go straight into the ball-screen. The Coppin State play is a nice continuous ball-screen offense that they used quite a bit in the game. It isolates the floor to give tw0-man opportunities on one side with shooters spotting up on the opposite side. I also saw Coppin use a back-screen counter if the wing wasn’t open.

MEAC Tournament Sets – North Carolina A&T – Zipper DHO Roll Replace


MEAC Tournament Sets – Coppin State – Continuous Ball-Screen Offense


Click here to download the PDF! MEAC Tournament Sets


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