Kevin Ollie UCONN Horns Set Plays

Kevin Ollie UCONN Horns Set Plays by Wes Kosel

Attached are two horns set plays from Coach Kevin Ollie. These plays were used in the Final Four win over Florida. UCONN dominated the tournament with guard play, and both of these plays create scoring opportunities for his guards (mainly Napier and Boatright). In his first year as head coach, UCONN won 20 games including big wins over Michigan State and Syracuse. In 2013-2014, Ollie led his Huskies to a NCAA Championship and 32 wins. After almost falling out of the NCAA tournament in the round of 64 to Saint Joseph’s, the Huskies went on a remarkable run beating Villanova, Iowa State, Michigan State, Florida, and Kentucky.

Kevin Ollie UCONN Huskies Horns Set Plays – Horns Pin Down

In play 1, Ollie can use Napier and Boatright interchangeably. For this play, Boatright is at the 1 and Napier is at the 3. 1 (Boatright) dribbles to the right as 3 (Napier) cuts up from a pin down screen from 5. Boatright passes to Napier. Right after the pass is released, 4 is there for a back-screen for Boatright. Napier looks to make the lob pass to Boatright for the score. If he isn’t open, Napier dribbles off of a high ball-screen from 4. 4 rolls to the basket and Napier looks to shoot, pass to 4 on the roll, or pass out to 2 for a shot.

Kevin Ollie UCONN Huskies Horns Set Plays – Horns Hi/Lo

In play 2, Napier is at the point guard spot (1). Napier dribbles in between 4 and 5 then takes the ball-screen from 5. If 1 (Napier) has a shot off the initial screen he takes it. He then looks to pass to 5 on the roll. If 5 isn’t open, Napier passes to 4 who looks for the hi/lo. 5 can also step out for 4 to drive 1 on 1 to the basket. If 4 doesn’t have anything, he passes back to Napier and the two players play a pick-and-roll from the top of the key.

Click here to download the PDF! Kevin Ollie UCONN Horns Set Plays

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