NAIA SLOB & BLOB Playbook by Wes Kosel

The NAIA Division 1 & 2 Tournaments are underway, so in spirit of the national tournaments here is a playbook featuring NAIA BLOB & SLOB plays.

Here is a playbook with 2 sideline out-of-bounds plays and 1 baseline out-of-bounds play from NAIA programs. All 3 of the plays have multiple options. I learned these plays from scouting teams working under Head Coach Chad Killscrow at Haskell Indian Nations University. Haskell is a member of the Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference. Bellevue (NE), Central Baptist (AR), Central Christian (KS), College of the Ozarks (MO), Oklahoma Wesleyan, Southwestern Christian (OK) and York (NE) were in the conference at the time.

In the first SLOB play (Box 1), there are two options. You can come up with a name for each option, or call the play by combining Box 1 and Option 1 into Box 11. With this naming system, your players know that the first number is for the play and the second number is for the option. Option 2 would be called Box 12. Box 1 (Options 1 & 2) starts with two down screens to get the guards open. Option 1 sets up a lob pass off of a back screen for the in-bounder, and Option 2 sets up a staggered screen for the in-bounder.

In second SLOB play (Box 2), there are also two options. The play again starts with two down picks. However, the ball side low post steps across the lane to screen for 2. 2 then has 2 choices for how he wants to get open. In Option 1, 2 cuts off the screen from 4 and 5 and catches the pass in the corner. In this option, the 4 goes the opposite direction and curls off of the screen from 3. In Option 2, 2 curls off of the screen from 3, and 3 then cuts to the corner off of the screen from 4 and 5.

In the BLOB play (Line 1), there are 3 options. The same numbering system can be used for this play, which would give option 1 the name Line 11, option 2: Line 12, and option 3: Line 13. If you would rather name the options Line 1, 2, and 3 that works as well. Find something that is easy to remember for you and your players. In Line 1, the play starts with 5 cutting up the lane and receiving a lob pass from the in-bounder. In Option 1, 2 uses a flex cut to get open at the basket. In Option 2, 4 sets a screen for 1 who cuts to the lane. In Option 3, 5 acts like he is going to catch the lob pass, but instead receives a back screen from 4 and cuts to the basket.

Click here to download the PDF! NAIA SLOB & BLOB Playbook


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