Brad Underwood SFA Flare Set Play

Brad Underwood Stephen F Austin Set Play

Brad Underwood SFA Flare Set Play by Wes Kosel

The Lumberjacks are off to another great year with Coach Brad Underwood leading the way. He is now in his 3rd season after compiling a 61-8 record in his first two seasons. In just his first year at Stephen F. Austin, Coach Brad Underwood led the Lumberjacks to a Southland Conference tournament championship and a NCAA tournament win over Shaka Smart’s VCU Rams. The Lumberjacks won 33 games this season including 29 in a row from November to March. Two seasons ago, Underwood was named the recipient of the 2014 Joe B. Hall award, which is given to the nation’s top first-year coach. This Brad Underwood SFA Flare Set Play starts with reversing the ball to a hand-off or shot opportunity. If these options are not open, the play ends with a double screen to a flare screen for a shot.

Brad Underwood SFA Flare Set Play

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1 dribbles to the wing. As 1 approaches 3, 3 clears through to the opposite low post. 4 is trailing the play and receives the pass from 1 at the top of the key. 4 can shoot if open. If not, 4 reverses the ball to 2. 4 and 1 then move to the elbow to set up for a double screen. 5 steps up from the low post to the elbow. 2 dribbles toward the top of the key then passes to 5 at the elbow. With his back to the basket, 5 looks to give the ball back to 2 on a hand-off or pass to 2 in the corner for a shot. If 2 isn’t open, 5 looks for 3 cutting off of a double screen from 4 and 1. After 3 clears the double screen, 4 turns to set a flare screen for 1. 1 flares to the wing looking for the pass from 5. 5 can also pass to 3 who then can pass to 1 on the flare.

Click here to download the PDF! Brad Underwood SFA Flare Set Play

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