Stew Morrill Utah State Offense

Stew Morrill Utah State

Stew Morrill Utah State Offense by Wes Kosel

Here are two set plays from former Utah State Head Coach Stew Morrill. Morrill came to Utah State after successful stints at Colorado State and Montana. Morrill has over 600 wins in his career and won almost 70% of his games.

Stew Morrill Utah State Offense – Baseline Runner


In this play, the 2 guard basically gets to run around screens until he gets open. If 2 is efficient moving without the ball, it is almost impossible for x2 to get around all of the screens. The play starts with two posts down low and the two guards on the wings. 2 cuts toward the low block and once underneath 4 reads the defender. If x2 tries to play over the screen and jump the stagger cut, 2 pops back to the wing for a shot. If x2 follows 2 around the screen, 2 continues through on the staggered screen from 5 and 4. 3 cuts up to the lane line extended and receives the pass from 1 to then reverse to 2 for a shot. If 2 still isn’t open, he loops back around 4 reading the defender again. If x2 follow, he continues around the screen for the shot in the corner. If x2 jumps over the screen, 4 turns to set the screen on x2, and 2 cuts back around 5 for a shot on the opposite wing.

Stew Morrill Utah State Offense – Stagger Slip


This play from the Stew Morrill Utah State Offense starts in a 1-4 high set. 1 dribbles toward the wing while 2 and 3 cross the floor to switch positions. 1 passes to 3, then switches places with 2 on the wing. 4 and 5 move toward 3 to set up a staggered ball-screen. 4 immediately slips the screen looking for the pass from 3. If 4 isn’t open, 3 dribbles off of 5 and attacks the elbow. 3 can pass to 5 on the roll, 4 stepping across the lane, and to 1 sliding to the corner.

Click here to download the PDF! Stew Morrill Utah State Offense

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