Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks Ball-Screen Offense

Dallas Mavericks Offense

Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks Ball-Screen Offense by Wes Kosel

Carlisle, who played his college basketball at Maine and Virginia, has proved to be a successful player and coach. As a player, Carlisle led the Virginia Cavaliers to the Final Four in 1984 and as an NBA player was a member of the 1986 NBA Championship Boston Celtics. As a coach, Carlisle served as an assistant coach for the New Jersey Nets, Portland Trail Blazers, and Indiana Pacers before becoming the head coach of the Detroit Pistons in 2001. Since then, Carlisle has been the head coach of the Pistons, Pacers, and Dallas Mavericks where he led the Mavs to the 2011 NBA Championship over the Miami Heat. Attached in this playbook are two pick and roll plays used by Coach Carlisle. The Mavericks are very effective using the pick and roll due to Nowitzki’s size and threat as a 3-point shooter.

Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks Pick & Roll Offense – Spread Pick & Roll

mavs1.PNGOption 1: 1 dribbles up the left side of the floor then passes to 4 (Nowitzki) trailing the play. 4 then reverses the ball to 3. 4 follows the pass and sets a ball-screen for 3. 3 drives to the lane looking to pass to 5 stepping toward the basket or 4 on the roll/pop.

Option 2: 1 Dribbles up the left side of the floor and instead of passing to 4 he takes a ball-screen from 5. 1 attacks the baseline and looks to pass to 5 rolling to the basket, 4 filling behind the screen, or 2 sliding down to the opposite corner.

Option 3: In this option, 4 sets a screen on the opposite side as in option 1. 3 drives toward the baseline looking to score or pass to 4 on the roll, 5 ducking in to the basket, or to 2 in the opposite corner.

Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks Pick & Roll Offense – 1-4 Pick & Roll


2 and 3 exchange wings with 2 running below and 3 running above 4 and 5 in the 1-4 high set. 1 passes to 3 on the wing and 5 sets a cross screen for 4. 4 sets a ball-screen for 3 then rolls/pops for a shot. If 4 isn’t open, 3 passes to 1 on the opposite wing. Once 1 has the ball, 5 sets a ball-screen for 1. 1 drives toward the baseline and can pass to 2 in the corner, 4 in the opposite corner, or to 5 rolling to the basket.

Click here to download the PDF! Dallas Mavericks Ball-Screen Offense

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