Mark Turgeon Maryland Offense

Mark Turgeon Maryland Offense by Wes Kosel

Attached are 3 plays from University of Maryland’s Head Coach Mark Turgeon. Turgeon is in his fifth year at Maryland. Prior to arriving in College Park, Turgeon was the head coach at Texas A&M, Wichita State, and Jacksonville State. He also has an impressive resume as an assistant. After finishing his playing career at the University of Kansas, Turgeon joined Coach Larry Brown as an assistant. When Roy Williams took over for the Jayhawks in 1988, Turgeon stayed on the staff and also served as the Junior Varsity head coach. He would then serve as an assistant coach for the Oregon Ducks and Philadelphia 76ers before taking the head coaching job at Jacksonville State.

The 3 plays each feature a different way to use the dribble hand-off. Using a dribble hand-off is effective because it essentially serves as a ball-screen if the ball is handed off, but also allows for scoring options from the hand-off man as well. If the defender guarding the dribbler tries to help on the hand-off, the dribbler can simply keep the ball and attack the basket.

Mark Turgeon Maryland Offense – Secondary Lob into Basic Offense

This play can be used as a secondary offense option out of transition. As the wings are running up the floor, the 2 simply cuts through the lane creating an overload on the right side. 2 then cuts up and receives the pass from 1. 1 then cuts off of a back-cut from 4 looking for a lob pass from 2. If 1 isn’t open, 2 dribbles off the ball-screen from 4 looking to attack. 2 can pass to 4 rolling to the basket or to 1 in the corner. If that’s not open, 2 gives the ball to 1 on a dribble hand-off. The offense now can run the opposite direction with the ball-screen at the top of the key into the hand-off on the opposite wing.

Mark Turgeon Maryland Offense – Weave into Horns

In this play, the Terrapins use the weave hand-off action to try to open up penetration opportunities. If no attacking options open up, the point guard dribbles to the top and the two posts run up into a “Horns” set formation. Once the two posts are high, the point guard dribbles off of one of the screens and attacks the wing. The screener rolls to the basket and the opposite post pops to the top of the key. If there are no scoring opportunities on the first screen, 1 passes to 5 who reverses the ball to 3. 5 then screens for 3 and then pops to the corner. This play gives you several scoring options off of the initial and secondary ball screens.

Mark Turgeon Maryland Offense – Hand-Off to Stagger

1 dribbles to the wing. As this is happening, 2 moves down to the block then cuts off of a screen from 4. 2 then continues his cut around 1 and receives a dribble hand-off. 2 then dribbles across the floor and looks for 4 cutting off of a staggered screen from 5 and 3.


Click here to download the PDF! Mark Turgeon Maryland Offense


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